Bonnie Whiting

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album art for Bonnie Whiting's album 'Perishable Structures'

Perishable Structures: New Focus Recordings: 2020

Perishable Structures places works for speaking percussionist within a context of storytelling. Through works by Frederic Rzewski, Vinko Globokar, Susan Parenti, Richard Logan-Greene, and Whiting herself, the album investigates the intertwined relationship between spoken and musical narrative and the unique role that percussion plays in this repertoire.

album art for Bonnie Whiting's album 'John Cage Vol. 4: Music for Speaking Percussionist Mode Records: 2017'

John Cage Vol. 4: Music for Speaking Percussionist Mode Records: 2017

John Cage allowed for some of his works to be combined and performed simultaneously. Whiting has created uniquely virtuosic solo-simultaneous realizations of some of these works for “speaking percussionist,” presented here as the fourth installment of Mode Records' complete John Cage Works for Percussion series. At 54 volumes, Mode's John Cage Edition is the largest collection of the composer's music on one label.

album art for the album 'Trigger: Artists Respond to Gun Violence'

Trigger: Artists Respond to Gun Violence

with TORCH Quartet, John Lane, and Allen Otte

album art for the album 'Sound Expiditons', featuring a track by Bonnie Whiting

Sound Expeditions (track: Control/Resist)

The Indiana State Capitol is a site that relates to both state and federal politics, and is a location that contains the duality of action for both government and protest. The tensions of this duality are captured through overlaid percussion techniques in Control/Resist. This track is a musical expression of two sides of political action: (1) the private daily work of sustained resistance; and (2) the less frequent act of public demonstration and shared experience. The rhythm of the work is a transcription of a text from a mesostic poem (a poem where the text is arranged so that the vertical phrase intersects the line of a horizontal text). This is a poem Whiting created that emerges from versions of an online resistance syllabus. Beneath this score are recordings of daily percussion practice on different instruments at different tempos. Crowdsourced noises from the Indianapolis Women's March on January 20, 2017 at the west side plaza of the Indiana Statehouse combine with granular metallic percussion sounds and white noise to dominate the soundscape and replicate these moments of energetic resistance.

album art for the Seattle Modern Orchestra recording of their Black Lives Matter concert, recorded live at the Earshot Jazz Festival

Black Lives Matter with Seattle Modern Orchestra, 2020

album art for the Andrew Waggoner album 'Quantum Memoir

Quantum Memoir with Seattle Modern Orchestra: Bridge Records, 2019

album art for the album 'null a b c'

< null_abc >, with Afroditi Psarra and Cameron Frasier. Zero Moon Records: 2018

album art for the album 'Ryonaji'

Ryoanji, with Christine Tavolacci: Orenda Records, 2016